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I love this article, thank you for sharing and I can already think of ways in which I will apply your insights!

I’m curious what you think about this - what happens to your workload in the long-term? I’m thinking of this in the context of becoming the owner of non-promotable tasks that over time can add up to be a big part of your workload. This has happened to me before, where at first these activities helped me build capital at work, but over time I was doing less and less of what was actually essential. How do you navigate this as you progress in your career? Do you have any strategies for making sure that you can drop or pass on some tasks as you move on to new ones without making your manager unhappy?

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First and foremost, congrats!

Two things I find super interesting:

- Your drive

- Your ability to spot what you've to do to excel

Very impressive and well deserved!

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Giving away gems of advice brother 👊 - Keep 'em coming :)

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Thanks for writing one mate ... really insightful, would you like to share your role of Frontend please 😛, mentioned RTL and frontend just wanted to know if you have managed both front and backend

Thanks again 🙌

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Excellent write up @jordancutler 🙌

Good to call out the irrelevance of "years" and experience. I've previously written about that particular topic (https://blog.alexewerlof.com/p/on-years-as-a-unit-of-measurement) but TLDR; it's about the tragectory of growth not the absolute position at a given point in time.

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I like your mindset. What gave you this inner ambition as a person?

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Such valuable information here - I love the way you break it down into simple actionable steps.

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Great article, thanks for writing it!

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I appreciate the read but a thought regarding title inflation: calling it out isn’t about putting anyone down - it’s about acknowledging the reality of what one learns in 1-2 years of experience vs. 10-15+

I think this is a great article about how to be effective as an engineer early on in your career, but remember! Titles are inflated but the recognition is not

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