For me, the harderst part is number 2: not jumping straight to answers or advice.

My instict is to think I can always solve the problems of the other side, especially ones I experienced myself. It tends to be a problem in relationships too 🙃

Loved your tips on that on, the advice about just sharing a personal related story is spot on. Explaining what worked for you, and understanding it's never 100% the same situtation.

A key point I feel is missing, is helping your mentee understand what they can aim for, getting out of their comfort zone. My main experience is with mentoring my employees, and that's a key part of it. If they set the goals themselves, often people aim too low.

Regarding the compliments - this is a tricky one, especially if you don't directly work with that person.

I hate when people 'patronize me', by complimenting on something that's not relates to them. There is a big difference between a compliment from your manager, who sees your work, and someone from outside.

The balance in my opinion is understanding what are the things you know enough - for example, if your mentee did a tough conversation you knew was hard for them. You can compliment on having the guts to do the conversations - but saying 'I think it was a great conversation' is less suitable imo. You weren't there :)

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Solid advice, Jordan!

Owning your own growth is huge!

Even with a good manager/mentor it still really helps to own and drive towards where you want to go long term in your career rather than just letting them tell you what to do.

Thanks for sharing!

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As a mentor, I found these extremely valuable, thank you. I will be incorporating these right away

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Thank you for the invaluable tips, as always.

I am particularly fond of the examples you provide to "instantiate" the problem class 😬 and avoid being too generic.

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golden post!

I have mentored some of my coworkers, but I knew there was a lot of room for improvement in the way I did things. This is a solid checklist for improvement as a Mentor.

Thank you, Jordan.

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Great article!

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