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Love that you emphasized being direct when asking for a referral.

I’ve been asked for a referral many times, and it’s always obvious when someone is asking for one indirectly. A lot of times, I think they feel like they have to ask questions before asking for a referral (like, how is working at X?).

But if the questions are just generic, then it’s a waste of time! I’d rather people ask some specific questions about my work (which is a huge plus!) or just be direct when asking for a referral from the beginning.

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Your tips on negotiating with the hiring manager are great. I love thinking about these scenarios like a game of chess. I've found that taking negotiation class on LinkedIn and researching best responses on YouTube have driven my own conversations. Thanks for a great article!

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Thanks for the article and sharing your own resume, Jordan!

I really liked the format, is what I use for my own: Concise bullet points, just 1 page, emphasize the relevant experience over not-relevant (e.g. your education now that you have multiple work experiences).

I think the Outside of work section is a big differentiator. When I finished my studies, I saw that most people didn't have anything. My resume indicated I wasn't "just another new grad"

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Excellent article, Jordan. So much actionable knowledge packed into here!

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Thoughts on cover letters? Almost every application has an upload field for it, so it assumes you'd need to write a custom one, and save it out as a PDF. This has been very time consuming for me — look at the company culture, find aspects of the listing and how it applies to my experience, write one paragraph or so to stick between a common intro / outro.

Are they even read? Does it even matter?

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Thank you very much for sharing, Jordan.

I just checked my Resume and realized some of the bullet points were too wordy. I’d have to fix that asap.

I haven’t been getting that many interviews but I’m gonna ensure to keep applying and applying in hopes of getting that one yes.

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