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Tool recommendations

  1. Todoist - Track books, courses, articles, and activities I want to do in a “Learning” folder.

  2. Mailbrew - Groups a bunch of newsletters into 1 email per day so you don’t have to clear 15 items from your inbox every day and can choose just what you want to click into.

  3. Readwise - Highlight anything in a book or the web to be sent an email of 3 highlights (integrates with Mailbrew) per day, then apply what you saved.

  4. Rectangle - Window management

  5. 1Password - Password manager

  6. iTerm2 - Terminal

  7. Notion (affiliate) - Storing second brain

  8. CleanShot (affiliate) - Screenshotting tool

  9. Taro (affiliate - 20% off) - Career growth community

See this post for how I use some of these tools.

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